This page will be regularly updated with further resources and readings relevant to the seminar series themes.

Aditya Chakrabortty: Cut benefits? Yes, let’s start with our £85bn corporate welfare handout

Benefits Stigma in Britain

Benefit to Society: Fair Press for Tenants

BBC Radio 4: Thinking Allowed – ‘Whither the Welfare State?’

Dan Silver and Kim Allen – Poverty porn undermines the welfare state

Disabled People Against Cuts

Dole Animators

Frances Ryan – Disabled artists use their skills to highlight ‘shoddy and cruel’ treatment over benefits

Kayleigh Garthwaite – Life on the breadline

Kim Allen, Ruth Patrick and Tracy Shildrick: The stigma of poverty: challenges, interventions and possibilities

Lisa O’Kelly: Media: Another Telethon? What help is that if you’re disabled?

NHS at 70: From Cradle to Grave

NUJ Guide To Reporting Poverty

NUJ Reporting Poverty Report

Michael Lambert – In pursuit of “the welfare trait”: recycling deprivation and reproducing depravation in historical context

Michael Lambert – The Creation and Endurance of Frimhurst Family House

Michael Lambert – The Social Policy and Society Journal Annual Lecture 2017

Mo Stewart – ‘State crime by proxy: Corporate influence on state sanctioned social harm’

Owen Jones meets Loki the Scottish Rapper 

Poor Lass

Ruth Patrick – ‘If welfare was ever a ‘contract’ the government has completely broken it’

Shoddy: an exhibition by disabled artists

The Guardian long read: Why we need the welfare state more than ever

Tracey Jensen – Portraying Poverty: the politics of media representations of welfare, precarity and poverty

Sarah Walsh on the National Disability Arts Collection and Archive